MINIDRAW: VW caddy 10 winners #2


Guaranteed draw

This competition will have 10 winners. Each winner will receive 10 entries into the main VW caddy draw.  If this sells out before 7pm any day we will do the draw the same day.

On the random number generator the same number can’t win more than once

?UK & Ireland delivery included

?Remember we require a photo off the winner

5.2 If all of the tickets on the competition do not sell out by the time the countdown timer reaches zero, an additional 7 days will be added on to the countdown timer. If all of the tickets have not sold after the first extended time period, a 7 day extension will be added up to a maximum of 4 times. If all tickets have not been sold after 4 extensions of 7 days, a cash alternative prize of 70% of tickets sales will be awarded   


  1. Matt Mc
    Ticket number: 75
    Answer: 600
  2. Matt Mc
    Ticket number: 66
    Answer: 600
  3. Erin Fisher
    Ticket number: 43
    Answer: 600
  4. John Magee
    Ticket number: 48
    Answer: 600
  5. Jstephens
    Ticket number: 100
    Answer: 600
  6. Erin Fisher
    Ticket number: 11
    Answer: 600
  7. Batfink78
    Ticket number: 113
    Answer: 600
  8. Jstephens
    Ticket number: 143
    Answer: 600

Winner was chosen by Google’s random number generator live on Facebook